Win More Clients in Davenport, IA & the Quad Cities with Professional Quotes, Training, Demos, & Other Services

At Suburban Wholesale & Supply, we go a step beyond simply providing the products you need. We also provide additional services that help you win over more customers. Click on the tabs below to learn about each of our offerings.

Professional Quoting

Suburban Wholesale & Supply has your needs in mind. When you request a quote, we will outline the products professionally and accurately before issuing a quote on the back of a business card or scratch paper. Suburban Wholesale & Supply strives to help you with a professionally laid out bid so that you may present it to your customer if needed. Professional quoting is just another way we help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Vinyl Installation Training

Improperly installed vinyl siding is the leading cause for call backs and service issues after your job is completed. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) offers a product certification training program—administered by Suburban Wholesale & Supply—that helps reduce these problems. You don't have to keep getting burned with vinyl installation woes. Instead, get VSI certified with the professional installation training team at Suburban Wholesale & Supply. Vinyl siding, including insulated vinyl siding, is the only exterior cladding with a product certification program from VSI. As certified installers with VSI, we are able to train you and your installers on industry-accepted application techniques. When you complete this program, you will have the validation of the Vinyl Siding Institute, proving your demonstrated knowledge and helping you gain the trust and confidence of your customers. As your trainers, Suburban Wholesale & Supply serves as an accredited quality control agency that ensures products and colors meet or exceed industry standards. With our vinyl installation training services, we help ensure that industry standards are perpetuated. This is why the Vinyl Siding Institute recommends using installers—like us—who are certified through their certified installer program.

Professional Consulting

When you walk into most big box stores or supply companies, all of the project consulting is usually done at a counter or the register. Not at Suburban Wholesale & Supply; we have a project consulting area for you and your customers. Suburban Wholesale & Supply wants you to use our comprehensive showroom to help you close the deal. We will also sit down with you and your customers for a professional project consultation. We want to separate you from your competitors so you get the deal every time. Suburban Wholesale & Supply will take that extra step for you to make sure you know you are not just another number. Check out the professional consulting with Suburban Wholesale & Supply.

Product Demonstration

Suburban Wholesale & Supply is like no other company in our industry. We give you a controlled and knowledgeable product demonstration environment for you and your customers. It's not like walking into a big box store or another supply company where the representative points you to a corner where their window or siding sample is, and then asks you how much you want. At Suburban Wholesale & Supply you will be given a detailed comprehensive demonstration of each product. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the products and the hundreds of options that come with those products, and our showroom is like no other in our area. You will get an intimate one on one demo when you stop in, and on top of that we will also do the demo for your customers to help you get the project and help your customers excited about the products you are installing.


Suburban Wholesale and Supply is a distributor of ThermaTru Entry Door Systems located in Davenport Iowa

At Suburban, we want to ensure that the process of installing your Therma-Tru door is as easy and stress-free as choosing the door. Most have discovered that the easy-to-follow classes with great instructors will help and experienced installer do an even better job. The ThermaTru Class's number one focus is you the contractor to make sure you get the job done right the first time.


Most contractors have never met an "official factory rep", well thats not how we work at Suburban

We want you to learn as much as possible, directly from the source when possible. Open houses at the wholesale centers enable the contractor to meet with manufactures and discuss what is new in the industry."

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